~ Quilters Studio ~

Bert McVicars

An upstairs bedroom at the McVicars' house has been converted into a quilters' paradise, and is decorated with fabric arts reflecting Bert's wonderful sewing talents. As a young mother, Bert sewed mainly dresses for her little girls, and did beautiful needle-work. She didn’t quilt until she moved here in the 1990's.

Then Pat Cooper invited her to Tuesday Stitchers at Doris Olin’s house where she saw what the ladies were doing.  She says today, “Boy, was I inspired.”  She has been quilting ever since.

Bert treasures this painting by Christine Munger of Cottonwood, ID, because it reminds her of the farm where she grew up in South Dakota..

An “L” shaped wall cabinet (left) and a base cabinet topped with a sturdy working surface fill two walls of her sewing room.  This is where she cuts her fabrics. Pictures of her large family grace the cabinet doors.

        Against the window wall (right) she uses two of the folding-type sewing cabinets that feature drawers, thread racks, and more that disappear when the hinged “doors” are closed.  She has two machines ready to work—one for straight sewing, and the other for quilting,  appliqué, and embroidery designs..

Dozens of finished quilt tops (right) wait on her shelves to be quilted.   Bert admits she “has UFO’s like you wouldn’t believe!”
This was her mother-in-law's Singer Featherweight that she used for five years before getting a new Singer for Christmas 1961.
 Her layout wall (above) uses a large piece of foamcore fastened to the wall, which allows her to use pins to hold blocks in place. A collection of blocks appliquéd with colorful flowers is pressed onto her layout wall awaiting completion of one more block. 

     Bert also enjoys making quilts for the Quilts of Valor organization as often as she can, and belongs to the Applique group of our guild. Shown below are an appliqued quilt top ready for quilting,  and a strip quilt made for her by "the five rippers" after attending the Sisters, OR quilt show.

Cloth rabbits made for her children are perched on top of her wall cabinet, and on top of an antique thread display from Clark’s Dept. Store.

The bed in the guest bedroom is adorned with hand-made crewel pillows. Who wouldn't want to be a guest in this beautiful room!